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C-T Chen and GX Gu, Machine learning for composite materials, MRS Communications, 2019

Received MRS Communications Lecture Award 2020











GX Gu, C-T Chen, DJ Richmond, MJ Buehler, Bioinspired hierarchical composite design using machine learning: simulation, additive manufacturing, and experiment, Materials Horizons, 2018

Received Materials Horizons Outstanding Paper 2018








C-T Chen, FJ Martin-Martinez, S Ling, Z Qin, MJ Buehler, Nacre-inspired design of graphene oxide–polydopamine nanocomposites for enhanced mechanical properties and multi-functionalities, ​
Nano Futures, 2017

Reviewed by B Dyatkin, Bio Focus: Structure of natural materials informs design of graphene-based composites, MRS Bulletin, 2017


C-T Chen, C Chuang, J Cao, V Ball, D Ruch, MJ Buehler, Excitonic effects from geometric order and disorder explain broadband optical absorption in eumelanin, Nature Communications, 2014

Results discussed by E Di Mauro et al., Natural melanin pigments and their interfaces with metal ions and oxides: emerging concepts and technologies, MRS Communications, 2017

"Recently, Buehler and co-workers, considering excitonic couplings between eumelanin oligomers (tetramers, pentamers, and octamers), found that the computational spectra with geometric (packing) disorder of a single species of DHI oligomers agree with experiments, and that excitonic couplings among eumelanin protomolecules have a considerable role in the increase of the probability of absorption toward the higher energy end of the spectrum." 

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